Friday, December 27, 2002

start charging

Your New Year's Resolution Should Be: Start Charging For Sex!

Since you're always sharing your thing

You might as well earn some bling bling!

What's *Your* New Year's Resolution?

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so roll up one and all, cos matty's on the market. the first session is free and if you're not completely satisfied you will recieve another free session.

Friday, November 15, 2002

Googlism for: matt

matt is taking the extra
matt is new colts coach
matt is yummy's
matt is jerking off
matt is a clown
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matt is a babe
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matt is king
matt is no match for frank horrigan
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matt is silvers4inpa and i may go with him
matt is the webmaster
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matt is a moron
matt is like the protective one that has a strong
matt is joey
matt is cool too cool for you
matt is scared
matt is pretty cool in those shades
matt is cute
matt is your typical 14 year old boy
matt is a critic
matt is taking the extra posted april 15
matt is currently married to the love of his life
matt is so cute posted by on november 14
matt is way better than chocolate
matt is yummy
matt is jerking off i remember when my favorite publicist maria asked me if i wanted to do something on suicidegirls
matt is" into google
matt is 2xtreme
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matt is me name
matt is a ridiculously common name
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matt is smart
matt is brilliance in a rawhide satchel
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matt is so hot 5
matt is no match for frank horrigan contributed on aug 14
matt is the best this is my site
matt is chair of fig commission 5 on positioning and measurement for the period 2002 to 2006
matt is going to make an appearance or when news happens join mattchamberlain to talk about these type of performances
matt is tight
matt is keen on giving his readers the details of how to run a successful business
matt is a moron and everyone knows it welcome visitor#
matt is in the music management business and sells cheap '80s and '90s rock compilation cds out of several warehouses in colorado
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matt is being tested as never before
matt is gone again
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matt is a junior at the university of notre dame
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matt is the michael jordan of music"
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matt is likewise made a target
matt is a puzzle game in which the player must guide the eponymous hero around each level to collect all the apples
matt is one of the state's constitutional officers and was appointed by governor pete wilson in january 1991
matt is your typical 15 year old boy
matt is working on a new bugtown comic book series for 2003 release
matt is an excellent athlete and has great jumping ability and is very fluent around the basket
matt is a megalomaniacal dictator who makes life miserable for everyone on his staff
matt is t00 p0gi
matt is a romulan 3
matt is now a loving husband to mimi
matt is assumed dead in a bank robbery attempt in montana where his brother and
matt is now accepting trackback on his blog
matt is good
matt is a freshman in the college of arts and sciences
matt is playing electric guitar again yes
matt is to enhance the work by allowing it a visually neutral area into which it may expand
matt is the manager of the city honors men's basketball team
matt is currently in the studio putting together his debut album
matt is a just being silly
matt is a personable and charming guy
matt is currently a member of the american meteorology society
matt is coached by russian michael khmel and managed by the shadow

Thursday, October 31, 2002

sydneysydneysyd-ney sydneysydneysyd-ney dunnanananana-na!!!!!

Saturday, October 05, 2002

Heya, Its been quite a while since my last blog, so here I am... I got two new star wars guys yesterday, from a three year old kid no less!!! There was no violence involved either, heh heh. I got an Imperial Gunner and a Luke Skywalker in Stormtrooper disguise, and they are both in very good condition and they were FREE! Not this "Join now for free pics of naughty schoolgirls doing things they really shouldnt be doing at their age" kinda free either. Really for free. Well, I felt kinda bad so I gave the kid a Darth Vader head carry case to put his other figures in. His mum was stoked.....Im really not an evil person. : )
I just got an email and pics from Holly. She looked soooo sexy in the photos. Im not sure if Xander will even get his present, heh heh.(Holly, you know what that means). Also if you read this soon, I am going to ring you to catch up and stuff. I'll let you interpret "stuff" on your own. : P
Um anyway, from now on I will try to write something more substantial so if anyone should stumble across this site they wont just wonder "Who is this sick-as-shit-child's-toy-stealing-pervert?"................. time I promise!

Saturday, September 07, 2002

Thursday, August 29, 2002

well, here it first post. As I write this I am wearing nothing but my girlfriend's knickers. Its nothing kinky, just because I can after losing 6 kilos, woo hoo. Hmmm, yeah, back into my clothes now I think. I did get a laugh from her though, she said I look better than her in them. mmm, except for all the hair I guess.